The Telephone Lady Speaks

My name is Allison Smith, and I have — to say the least — an unusual job.

Most people listen to automated voices on telephone systems on a daily basis and never really give much thought as to just *who* does those recordings — or even that they are articulated by an actual living being.

Well — I *am* that being — or one of them. I have been described as one of the most prevalent telephone voices in North America, having voiced platforms for Verizon, Qwest, Cingular, Vonage, Bell Canada, Twitterfone, and Asterisk — an Open-Source  VoIP platform that has the honor of being the fastest-growing telephony platform in the world.

Headshot With Phones

It was brought to my attention by a valued client that at any given time, my voice is playing in someone’s ear — somewhere around the world.

I work for a vast clientele globally, in a wide assortment of industries, and it seems that the applications to which my voice can be applied is limitless. Visit my website at for a full sense of my client base — and next blog, I’ll write about some of the more…exotic, strange, and just plain wierdball requests I get.

Thanks for reading!

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