Purple Heart Services

While attending IT Expo in Miami two years ago, I came across an interesting exhibitor who didn’t seem to fit into the typical prototype of the telco manufacturer, supplier, or reseller that usually sets up at those kind of of trade shows — and from no other exhibitor have I *ever* been given dog tags instead of business cards.

They are Purple Heart Services,  and in addition to raising funds for the service, welfare, and rehabilitation of  wounded, disabled, and/or handicapped veterans (and their spouses, orphans or survivors), the aspect of their work which really intrigued me was their mandate to train disabled war veterans in call center and support center technology & skills — and  to also position them into jobs in that industry.

Naturally I was interested in offering to voice their IVR — which I did and continue to do to this day — but what most fascinated me was their unwavering committment to assist in improving the lives of those who have served their country — and who might have additional challenges which make re-entering the workforce after service even more daunting. Physical limitations — which may make working in many industries a challenge — if not impossible — are a non-issue when integrating former servicemen and women into a call-center environment.

Veterans undergo 600 hours of training, taking place over 15 weeks, to be accepted into the Purple Heart call center. With a full-time dedicated staff of skilled combat wounded and disabled veteran operators, Purple Heart offers workers with an unparallelled knowledge of web-based predictive dialing call center systems and products. Think about the disciplined, dedicated, and efficient military sensibility and how that would fit into a call center context — and you’ll see why military veterans and a well-run call center are  a match made in Heaven.

They offer custom-built CRM software, built in-house and adjustable to various campaign needs. Practically any industry would find this kind of call center setup extremely adaptable, turnkey, and pertinent to their specific industry.

The service that Purple Heart offers is incredibly useful and amazingly resourceful; this is stimulating, specialized work which is rewarding both financially and esoterically, gives wounded veterans — who might otherwise be overlooked, or who might find themselves under or unemployed; a chance to really contribute to society and become self-sufficient.

If you happen to know of a disabled or wounded veteran who might prosper and flourish in this amazingly supportive environment, or if you are in the market for outsourcing your call center needs, check out their website at www.purpleheartcallcenter.com or www.vvti.org.

Next blog entry will delayed by a couple of days — I’ll be attending Speechtek in New York August 1-4, and I intend on reporting back from the Convention Hall Floor about the very latest in speech technology!

Thanks for reading!


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