“So You Think You Can Prance?” And Other North Pole IVR Options…

TO: Head of IT, North Pole Industries, LLC

FROM: CTO, Telephony Development, NPI

MESSAGE: To address the bottlenecks in NPI Werkshoppe’s Call Center, please click the link below to implement the following IVR call flow ASAP…..




This just in: The above flowchart was just made into an actual functioning telephone IVR — call 617 23 SANTA (that’s 617 237-2682) and have a listen!

My thanks to Eric Osterberg and Aaron Dahlberg for having the idea to set it up and executing it so marvellously!

I will be taking the rest of December off from blogging and look forward to coming back in January with fresh topics and even more articles for 2011! Thank you so much for reading, and I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!

Allison Smith is a professional telephone voice, who can be heard voicing systems for telephone systems and private companies throughout the world. Her website is www.theivrvoice.com.



  1. Other Ideas for Santa’s hotline include separating the call flows for the naughty and nice kids (press 1 if you have been nice, 2 (perhaps leading to a lengthy IVR labyrinth?) if you have been naughty), adding an option for chimney cleaning instructions and another one listing Santa’s favorite cookies.

    • voicegal Said:

      Kirsi —

      Those are *great* ideas! The chart ended up being impossible to read, and I was forced to keep it concise, but I love your suggestions and wish I’d consulted with you beforehand! Thanks so much for reading…

      Allison Smith allison@theivrvoice.com http://www.theivrvoice.com http://www.theasteriskvoice.com

      Customized Voice Recordings for the Telecommunications Industry

      Read my Blog! https://voicegal.wordpress.com

    • voicegal Said:

      Kirsi — In an unforseen twist, a couple of the Asterisk guys have set up a DID line and purchased the number “23 santa” and want me to record the IVR! Would it be OK if I incorportated your suggestions into the final product?

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